Jaipur Farmer makes 30 lakh  annually, grows Organic cucumbers

Jaipur Farmer makes 30 lakh annually, grows Organic cucumbers

Jaipur-based farmer Ganga Ram Sepat grows cucumbers in his inherited  land by natural methods. He earns 30 lakh annually. He had always grown crops like maize, wheat, bajra, and jowar. He has 6 acres of farming land for agriculture. When he read about how pesticides and chemicals had given rise to cancer cases in rural Punjab, he took hard steps to change the way of harvesting.

“I knew that there was an urgent need to change my ways. It affects the quality of the soil, the production and the health of the grower. We decided to completely do away with fungicides and insecticides immediately,” says the 43-year-old farmer who hails from Kalakh village in Rajasthan.

Ganga Ram was keen into agriculture therefore he took botany as a subject in his college. He opted for Botany, Zoology and Chemistry and graduated in 1998.

In 1999 he decided to open a school in his village where he serves as the Director. “I wanted to open a school because there were issues of unemployment and I wanted the children in my village to have access to a good education that would help them get more opportunities in the future,” he says.

He shared that his family is well -known for the farming practices that they had. The agricultural universities in the area too recognized our farming efforts but I noticed that we weren’t adopting any modern farming techniques. This was holding us back,he shares.

Then, Ganga Ram swiftly visited the International Horticulture Innovation and Training Center (IHITC) in Jaipur to upgrade his knowledge and skills. He learnt about poly- house, techniques of preparing soil and so on.

After the 3 days of training, he started his practice. He finally set up his first poly-house in October 2017.

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