India thwarts Chinese troops’ plan to occupy region near Pangong Tso lake.

India thwarts Chinese troops’ plan to occupy region near Pangong Tso lake.

A significant amount of Chinese troops were deployed at the South Bank of Pangong Tso Lake in India. It took place at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh. They ran into the disputed region which led to a standoff between both nations.

According to Fresh reports by many, Chinese troops tried to enter territories occupied by India. So far, the intent of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) seemed to instil provocative military activities. They encroached the South bank of the Pangong Tso lake. Reportedly, they wanted to occupy the area unilaterally.

As a result, it led to a standoff between the Indian Army soldiers and troops of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. Military Altercations between both India and China have been going on since May 2020.

Reportedly, approximately 200 Chinese soldiers were deployed at around 11 pm on August 29 Saturday. They were in an SUV and ran into an Indian post which was disputed. However, The Indian Army was prepared and informed about the infiltration from China. Hence, they were well prepared to handle the potential circumstance which would take place over there.

After the Chinese convoy entered the Disputed region, both the military men had a dead heat between them. Initially, both firmly stood their grounds. However, the Chinese troops decided to back out and leave. The clash allegedly lasted the intermediate night between August 29 and 30.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry had issued a statement regarding the standoff on Monday, August 31st. Zhao Lijian a spokesperson of the Ministry mentioned the recent clashes.

“Chinese border troops always strictly abide by the LAC. They never cross the line. Border troops on the two sides have been in close communication regarding the issues on the ground,” Lijian said. “What I said is that the two sides through diplomatic and military channels maintain close communication. As to specific meetings and talks, if there is anything we will release it in a timely manner.” He declared. (Source: IndiaToday)

Colonel Zhang Shuili, A Chinese military spokesperson made an assertion that India was the one which breached China’s sovereignty. He added, “The Chinese military is taking necessary countermeasures and will pay close attention to developments and resolutely safeguard China’s territorial sovereignty and peace and stability in border areas.” (Source: NDTV)

However, so far no type of injuries or fatalities were reported from either side. During the military standoff at Eastern Ladakh.

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