Corona cases reach up to 25 million, India becomes a new hub for the pandemic.

Corona cases reach up to 25 million, India becomes a new hub for the pandemic.


India chronicled 78,761 new corona virus cases on Saturday increasing 25 million cases globally on Sunday.

The number of cases of the corona virus have now crossed 25 million worldwide.

On Saturday, the U.S. recounted 47,153 new cases making it the sixth day in a row that the country has seen an increase in cases according to Wall street journal.

India experienced complete lockdown during March when Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered 1.3 billion of the country’s people to remain inside their homes for three weeks.

The landmark happened on Sunday, fired by a surge of more than 78,000 corona cases in India on Saturday. The range of the virus in India has grown in current weeks.

All over India, we have now registered more than 3.5 million cases and more than 63,000 deaths.

Global deaths are total more than 843,000.

Despite the growing cases in India, The United States continues to prime in the line in both cases more than 5.9 million corona cases and deaths nearly 183,000.

Due to the increasing cases of corona ,India had been extending lockdown. When it was opened, the outbreak was considered relatively under control. 

But the damage to the economy was distressing for many and restrictions were eased since then. The corona virus has pitched and despite the increase of cases, the government continues to take steps to return to ordinary life.

Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Ahmadabad cities have seen a considerable spike in infections, accounting for nearly 130,000 COVID-19 cases and over 4,600 deaths.

Cities like Delhi and Mumbai also have high recovery rate. 

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