Madhya Pradesh’s Bridge Collapses even before Inauguration, claims 14 lives.

Madhya Pradesh’s Bridge Collapses even before Inauguration, claims 14 lives.

The monsoon rains unleashed a havoc in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The bridge collapse so far has affected transportation between 2 villages and claimed 14 lives.

On 30th August, Sunday, A brand new bridge in Madhya Pradesh collapsed. The bridge was built on the Wainganga river in Seoni district (around 350km away from Bhopal) in the Mahakoshal region. The collapse of the bridge claimed 14 lives. The 150m bridge had collapsed due to the continuous incessant rains in the state.

August 30, 2020 was supposedly the bridge’s deadline of completion. The bridge was however completed before time and was in use by the villagers. Although no official inauguration of the bridge had taken place, it had been widely used for commutation.

Official documentations revealed that, the bridge was constructed for  ₹ 3.7 crore under the Prime Minister’s rural road network scheme, PMGSY. Its construction commenced on 1st September 2018.

Video evidences show that a huge chunk of the bridge collapsed and drowned. While the pillars can be seen lying in a grim state with the corners peeking out the flooded river.

District Collector Rahul Haridas has ordered a probe to seek whether there were any potential culprits involved. He said that stringent action would be taken against those found guilty.

Its construction had begun in September 2018 and completed only two months back. Though the bridge was yet to be officially inaugurated, it was already in use. (Source: NDTV)

The Executive Engineer (PMGSY) JP Mehra expressed,”The bridge was 150-metre-long and 9.28 metre high. Its construction was completed in June 2020. Heavy rains over the last few days caused flooding in the Wainganga river and its tributary. Heavy rains and flooding of the river caused the Bhimgarh Dam to be filled to full capacity. Owing to the dam getting filled up to its full capacity, excess water had to be released from the Dam on August 27-28 night, which caused the bridge completed two months back to collapse.”

The collapse of the bridge during monsoon has affected transportation between the villages of Sunwara and Bhimgarh. The torrential rainfalls have resulted in massive destruction in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Narmade river is currently flooded and flowing at 974 metres. This is approximately 10 metres above its Danger level mark of 964 metres in Hoshangabad district. (Source: NewIndianExpress)

120 out of 251 reservoirs in the state are filled with rainwater. Hence dam gates were opened to let out excess water. Madhya Pradesh received 815.2mm of rainfall till Saturday morning against the expected rain of 743mm.

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