India once again hits the highest single day COVID-19 mark, cases soar over 78,000.

India once again hits the highest single day COVID-19 mark, cases soar over 78,000.

The current global statistics of COVID-19 along with India’s current state. So far, the virus has claimed more than 844 thousand lives globally. No vaccines or effective treatment has yet to be found.

COVID-19 cases globally have crossed 25 million on Sunday 30th August. Many nations around the world seemed to reinstate lockdowns and restrictions due to ever rising Coronavirus cases in efforts to contain the virus which has been raging since January of 2020.

More than 844,000 people have succumbed to the virus globally. With no vaccine or effective treatment available yet, governments have been forced to resort to some form of social distancing and lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus.

Approximately one million cases are added every four days since mid-July on a global level. According to an AFP tally, India had set the records for the single highest day COVID-19 infections with cases soaring at 78,761 patients on Sunday. The huge rise in cases in India is due to the further easing of government cast lockdown restrictions to help save the drowning and unstable economy of the nation.

India has shockingly crossed 3.6 million (more than 36 lakh) cases and is still the 3rd worst affected nation in the world. The death toll has crossed more than 64,000 and stands at 64,469 people. The cases in India are growing rapidly and the country is yet to experience its peak.

The peak by most experts are predicted to take place between September and November of 2020. However, India has increased its recovery rate to more than 75%. It now stands at 76.47% and is growing further. This makes India one of the top nations with the highest COVID-19 recovery.

Nations like New Zealand and South Korea, had previously contained the virus and received global praises. However, these nations are seeing new rises in infections and are scrambling to control it again.

Masks will become mandatory from today on public transport and flights in New Zealand. Stringent restrictions are reinstated in South Korea since Sunday. This even includes the greater Seoul region, which is home to almost half of the nation’s populations.

Latin America is currently the epicentre of the pandemic. The worst hit nations in the region is Brazil. Brazil has crossed 3.8 million cases and 120 thousands deaths. Brazil is struggling to defeat the first wave and they haven’t approached their peak. The number of deaths in Brazil is right below that of United States which has crossed a staggering 6.1 million cases with more than 187 thousand deaths.

“Brazil’s curve has stabilised now, but at a very dangerous level: nearly 1,000 deaths and 40,000 cases per day. And Brazil still isn’t past its peak.” said Christovam Barcellos, a researcher at public health institute Fiocruz. (Source: IndiaToday)

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