BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj Forced into quarantine, calls it  ‘politically motivated’ act.

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj Forced into quarantine, calls it ‘politically motivated’ act.

The BJP MP apparently hadn’t informed officials about his visit. Due to the ongoing pandemic in the country, He was put into a mandatory home quarantine at an Ashram for 14 days.

BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj was forcibly put into to home quarantine in the Jharkhand state on Saturday 29th August. His quarantine will be for 14 days for violating the COVID-19 norms, a senior district official expressed on Satuday.

Maharaj had arrived in Giridih, travelling over 200 km from Ranchi, to participate in a programme from Unnao via Dhanbad. He was then returning to Dhanbad by road to board a train to Delhi. Police caught him and seized near Pirtand police station.. MP was put into quarantine at Shanti Bhawan ashram, said the Deputy Commissioner Rahul Kumar Sinha.

“The action was taken according to a state government order of 14 days quarantine for people coming from outside to the state”, the officer said. “He had not informed the state government about his visit and therefore we have put him in quarantine for 14 days. He could’ve applied for an exemption, ” He added.

Once the administration personnel received information about Maharaj visiting Jharkhand without any prior notice, The borders were sealed with barricades in place. Then, a team led by Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Prerna Dixit followed and intervened Maharaj at the barricades. He was then put under the mandatory 14 days of quarantine at Shanti Bhawan. (Source: IndiaToday)

However, Maharaj narrated a different story. He spoke to reporters and said that he had arrived to meet his ill mother in Giridih. Had he been informed about the 14 days of quarantine, he would’ve not come.

The BJP MP claimed that his quarantine was a ‘politically motivated’ act. “There appears to be political jealousy” he expressed. (Source: NDTV)

So far BJP has reportedly threatened to protest against the act of the Jharkhand government.

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