U.S Blacklisted 24 Chinese  Companies for Making Artificial Island

U.S Blacklisted 24 Chinese Companies for Making Artificial Island

The Trump administration blacklists 24 Chinese companies due to the construction of Artificial Island. U.S stated it as an illegal attempt.

The Communications Construction Company (CCCC) and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, are big contractors in the Belt and Road initiative.

By listing the latest companies, the United States has “various aims, including, of course, to impose costs on bad actors and to encourage all sorts of parties and institutions and governments around the world to assess the risk and reconsider business deals with the sort of predatory Chinese state-owned enterprises we have identified here,” a senior State Department official said.

This initiative also impact other countries. It is claiming that China’s deeds in the South China Sea desecrated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

This restriction is going to enhance the tension during the U.S and China. The U.S recently banned several apps of China such as Tik Tok, Share it, Shein, UC browser, Baidu Map, Kwai and so on.

China has used this island to dominate other countries such as Philipines and the sea rights. Fishing waters and offshore energy deposits and so on.

Which has been claimed, “completely unlawful.” By many officials. This is also creating problems for sensitive trade matters.

The United States on Wednesday also enforced visa restrictions on administrators and companies and other individulals who were involved in the island-building in the sea. China violated the sovereign rights of the Philippines and interfered with his petroleum exploration and fishing by constructing Artificial Island in the Sea.

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