Will Yogi Adityanath’s Dream of making UP-Defence Production Powerhouse ever come true?

Will Yogi Adityanath’s Dream of making UP-Defence Production Powerhouse ever come true?

Yogi Adityanath’s dream of making UP a defence production powerhouse may have begun to fruition. The invest UP proposal was established on 14th August for the very reason.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath and his government established, ‘Invest UP’, to promote major global investments in Uttar Pradesh. The Chairman is CM Adityanath. While the Vice Chairman is MSME Minister Siddharth Nath Singh. Satish Mahana assumes the position of the Development Minister. Invest UP was brought into force on 14th August. On 17th August Siddharth organised an online meeting with one of Germany’s largest defence manufacturers, Rheinmetall AG. They reportedly showed interest in investing in UP’s defence corridor.

The company Rheinmetall AG specializes in automotive parts, military vehicles, autocannons, anti-aircraft defence systems, artillery, tank guns, munitions, etc. The tentatives sites for investment will be provided through online interfaces. Google Map, details of land banks, infrastructure around each plot and details of the policy incentives, etc will be available by the online interface.

The ‘Defence Industrial Corridor’ is a huge dream project of Adityanath. A total of 5,125 hectares of land area has been provided and spread across 6 districts. Lucknow, Kanpur, Chitrakoot, Aligarh, Agra and Jhansi districts.

The German company was headed over by CEO of Rheinmetall Electronics division Susanne Wiegand and CEO of Rheinmetall Air Defence Fabian Ochsner. Singh said, “besides abundant power, UP has great infrastructure in the form of expressways, highways and airports. After the meeting Siddharth added, “The German company has expressed a desire to invest in UP’s defence corridor. Necessary action will be taken soon to close the deal.”

However, such wasn’t the case on the German Counterpart. According to a statement made exclusively to INDIA TODAY, the August 17 talks were mere ‘non-binding exploratory talks’ in which the firm was informed about plans for developing the UP defence corridor. “At this stage, it would be too early to comment on specific projects or the nature of possible partnerships,” the statement added. (Source: India Today)

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