The splendid tale of an Adivasi Doctor who is also an IAS officer.

The splendid tale of an Adivasi Doctor who is also an IAS officer.

Dr. Rajendra Bharud who hails from the Adivasi (tribal) Community was raised by a single mother. Battling a rough childhood, his story is sure to enthrall you.

Doctor Rajendra Bharud is one of the emerging faces for the future of the nation. He was born on January 7, 1988, in the tiny village of Samode in Sakri Taluka, Maharashtra. He is the second child of the three children born to Bandu Bharud and Kamalabai. His father unfortunately passed on when Rajendra was in his mother’s womb.

Due to this, the burden of a household income was borne by both his mother(Maai) and his grandmother. They made a living out of the sales of desi alcohol. The entire family lived in hut made from sugarcane leaves.

“They prepared traditional liquor using Mahua flowers, commonly found in that tribal belt of Maharashtra. The extraction, fermentation, and distillation happened at home. It is not considered illegal because it is very common in that area. Men in the block would visit our sugarcane straw hut to have a glass of wine along with some chakna (snacks). Keeping customers happy was Maai’s priority. So if I would start crying she would feed me a teaspoon of the same, and put me to nap,” he said whilst chortling.

Rajendra quoting his childhood had expressed,“My family was so poor that we could not afford to get even a single picture of him clicked before he passed. Poverty is what we have known since birth. It is etched so deep within every person in the village that no one realises they are poor or illiterate. Each person is happy with what they have, and by living on nature’s resources.”

However, life took a turn of events and Rajendra’s success started accelerating during his school years.  It was here that he developed a passion for Math and Science. He was always one of the meritorious students. He aced in the subjects of Math and Science during his 10th board exams.

Furthermore he also stood first amongst his class in the 12th Board Examination. Due to his remarkable achievements in school, Rajendra rightfully bagged a merit scholarship and admission at the Seth GS Medical College in Mumbai.

“Since childhood, I had dreamed of becoming a doctor so that I could help other people. But, as I grew up, I realised that to help people, I need to educate them and provide them with better living opportunities. To do this, I had to become a civil servant,” quoted Rajendra.

He also added that,“I never did anything that a normal college student would do. No outings, no dates, and no partying. Though I had friends who would ask me to head out with them, I was very focused on changing my future and the future of others. So, I never regretted not being part of that.”

The Climb towards Immense Success

And hence, he started preparing for the UPSC civil services exams as well. Balancing both the upcoming MBBS exams as well the UPSC exams was a task only one can imagine. But Rajedra surely proved it and ended up giving both the MBBS and UPSC exams in his final year of MBBS. He then returned home to his mother who was oblivious to the fact that her son was not only a doctor, but an IAS officer as well. All in a single attempt!

“Until my results were announced, my mother was under the impression that her son was a doctor. When I told her I am going to become a collector, she did not know what it meant. For that matter, no one in my village knew who was a collector. As the word spread about me clearing a civil service exam, I was approached by neighbours, and they congratulated me for becoming a ‘conductor,’” he reminisced with a smile.

“Coming from a medical background, I understood that early detection, isolation, and treatment was the only solution to curb the spread of the virus. Also, the issues of shortage of doctors and nurses were addressed at an early stage, hence fatality rate was comparatively low.” He said whilst tackling the COVID-19 situation currently in his region.

A story sure to inspire anyone reading this. Mr. Rajendra Bharud has got all what it takes to be one of the prominent individuals to support the nation.

(This article was adapted as a snippet. To read the complete article please refer to the source at The Better India)

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