Pregnant Woman died due to lack of treatment in Almora

Pregnant Woman died due to lack of treatment in Almora

Asha Devi, who was five months pregnant died due to lack of treatment and oxygen cylinder. Several hospitals refused to take her in, informed the relatives.

On Sunday,District Magistrate of Almora asked for a fair probe in the matter and asked for a report within two days . He assured that strict actions will be taken against anyone found guilty in this case.

“I have ordered a magisterial inquiry into the death of a pregnant woman and appointed additional district magistrate BS Firmal as the investigating officer. Statements of the family of the woman and officials will be recorded and I have sought a report to be submitted by August 25. Whoever is found guilty, strict action will be taken against them,” said Nitin Bhadouriya, district magistrate of Almora.

Asha Devi’s relatives informed that she died due to negligence of hospital staff and lack of oxygen cylinder as she was having trouble in breathing. The hospital denied treating her because they could not get her tested for COVID 19.

Her relatives took her to Base hospital where she was tested negative for Covid19 and they also provided her oxygen cylinder but denied the treatment saying they only treat COVID patients.

Dr. Savita Hyanki, chief medical officer of Almora said, “The woman was already undergoing treatment for typhoid and she must have had breathing problems due to that. When she was first taken to a government hospital by her family, they could not do a Covid-19 test, but her test was done at Base Hospital in Almora where she tested negative.”

Her family then rushed her back to the district hospital. “The oxygen cylinder Base Hospital gave us ran out within 20 minutes. We begged for another cylinder at the district hospital and the adjoining district female hospital, but the authorities refused, saying they did not have one to spare,” Asha Devi’s brother-in-law Sundar Singh Bisht told TOI.

Senior officials at Almora district hospital said that order for antigen tests had been placed over a month ago, but had yet to arrive.

“Breathlessness cannot be treated at our hospital as we treat only gynaecology-related problems. Also, the attendant of the deceased hadn’t asked for any oxygen cylinder from us,” Kamla Singh, senior medical officer at Almora district hospital told TOI.

Asha Devi was declared dead at district hospital at around 7.30 pm on Thursday (August 20).

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