CWC Passes Resolution to Stop NPR, Extract the Amended Citizenship Act.

CWC Passes Resolution to Stop NPR, Extract the Amended Citizenship Act.

New Delhi : The Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Saturday passed a resolution and demanded the withdraw of the Citizenship Amendment Act. Several members of Congress who attended the meeting with Sonia Gandhi, Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and party General Secretory Priyanka Gandhi.

The CWC, the party’s highest decision-making body, said the ill-conceived Act had led to spontaneous nationwide protests. The Centre used brute power to suppress the voice of students and youth. This Act is not valid and created lots of religious tentions among citizens of India.

“CAA has raised bonafide questions regarding its Constitutional validity and political morality. The CAA and proposed NRC have created an environment of fear and anxiety in the country especially among the religious and linguistic minorities, tribals, poor and the vulnerable sections of the society,” a CWC statement read.

Impact on the Economy

Calling the economic situation in the country as alarming, the CWC said, “The government is guilty of monumental mismanagement of the economy. It has inflicted long term damage with the arbitrary decisions of demonetization and hasty imposition of a flawed GST model, which destroyed the unorganized sector of the economy, rendering millions of workers jobless.”

On Jammu and Kashmir

They discussed all the prevailing issues in the Kashmir.

“Former chief ministers and leaders of mainstream parties remain in detention while the government makes hollow claims of normalcy and arranges guided tours of diplomats. It is deplorable since our Indian leaders of political parties and Members of Parliament are denied the freedom to visit the Valley and meet the people,” the CWC said.

They also showed deep concerns on the enduring clash between US and Iran.

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