80% COVID Patients in India are Asymptomatic

80% COVID Patients in India are Asymptomatic

Approx 28% of the 40,184 patients who were infected till April 30 were asymptomatic as per the Study which released last Saturday by the health ministry.

The number was 2.8% for healthcare workers who had come into contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19 without adequate protection. But before you conclude that under 30% of infected persons are asymptomatic. it appears as high as 44.2% of cases are labelled ‘unspecified’. The number was a mere 7.6 for Maharashtra – 8.9 for Delhi – versus 93 for Karnataka and 40.4 for Kerala and 149 for Odisha.

Younger people who are in their 20s, 30s and 40s often tend to be asymptomatic and are, hence, the drivers of the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) said this. Analysis of data from the top five high burden states in India  related to Corona also bears this trend. Initially, asymptomatic patients were estimated to be in the 69-80 per cent range in India. There  is presymptomatic which is a transient phase and asymptomatic is a condition that can last the duration of the infection. A large number of asymptomatic patients are widely recognised as a pool for further spread of the disease.

The IDSP official explained that while the reporting form is periodically updated a lot of the newer signs and symptoms have not been included and are in the process of being added. These include dehydration, alteration of acid-base balance of the body, abnormal heartbeats etc. These have all been categorised as “other signs” that constitute 83.54 per cent of the reported signs.


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