Top leaders write to Sonia Gandhi for development of the party

Top leaders write to Sonia Gandhi for development of the party

New Delhi: Congress Working Committee meeting has held on Monday. Various party members were present and they demanded collective leadership and return of Rahul Gandhi. There are two groups. Some of them demanding for the change in the organisation and some who were close to Rahul also written to CWC for the return of Rahul Gandhi.

Huge numbers of Congress leaders including some ex-party members have written a letter to the party president Sonia Gandhi. For the development of the structure of the party. The main issues which have been discussed in the meeting. The changes in the organization by effecting reforms through centralization of power and enablement of all the planning and execution.

The issue of collective decision making was also raised in meeting. Demand for full-time availability of leaders for the members was also an integral part of the meeting. Presence of leaders all the time can make the developing process remarkable. The workers can approach them easily and work accordingly. The decision by Congress CWC was a majority decision . It reflected the will of 1100 AICC, 8800 PCC members, five crore workers and 12 crore supporters who want Rahul Gandhi as their leader.

The leaders also shared their views that any kind of delay causes immense harm to the development and stability of the party. It is also expected from youngsters that they reunite and channelize their energy to get back the memory and dignity of the Congress party. Discipline and time management were the main issues which have been discussed during the meeting

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