JEE and NEET 2020: Controversy over Exams, Students demand Postponement

JEE and NEET 2020: Controversy over Exams, Students demand Postponement

Exam of JEE, NEET is going to be held in the country in the month of September all over India. The student approached the government and supreme court that this exam should not be taken offline and must be postponed due to Covid-19. Students across the country have requested the government to postpone the Exam.

Several students and parents all over the country have shared their distresses over conducting exams as Covid-19 cases are on a peak. Health and life is more exquisite rather exam. However, no government statement is recorded under the same.

Students from 11 states across the country filed a petition in the Supreme Court in quest of the postponement of these two exams.

The court yet rejected the plea on Monday. A three-judge bench led by Justice Arun Mishra said “life has to go on” despite the outbreak of the viral disease and the court cannot put the career of students in threat by interfering with the decision of the NTA to hold the examinations in September.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal called it an “injustice” and suggested that the only just, fair and sensible solution is to postpone JEE and NEET.

The Political Reactions

Congress has jumped on this opportunity to attack the government. Several party leaders including former Congress president asked the government to listen to students’ demands.

“Today lakhs of students are saying something. The GOI must listen to the ‘Students Ke Mann Ki Baat’ about NEET, JEE exams, and arrive at an acceptable solution,” Gandhi said in a tweet.

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