Ram Mandir Revenge Plot :Two states on red alert

Ram Mandir Revenge Plot :Two states on red alert

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had performed the ‘bhoomi pujan’ of the Ram temple on August 5. The Supreme Court appointed trust for the construction of the temple, held a meeting in New Delhi on Thursday

Next day, Intel agencies raised an alarm that has Pakistani plotted to assassinate Hindu Netas. The transnational syndicates have been activated to carry out this assassination namely those of Dawood Ibrahim. 


Intel Warns of Taliban terror threat to Mandir event

PAK based Islamic groups warn of attack in Ayodha.

Priest receives threat calls

After the bhoomipujan, Netas on Islamic Radar. Targets of this plan are leaders belonging to BJP, VHS and RSS. The development has taken place in Gujurat . There, former VHS leader Gordhan Zadafia was being tracked by a sharpshooter. He has been arrested by the police. Security grid of leaders to be reviewed. 

According to Intelligence bureau, India-based entities of transnational criminal and underworld networks have been tasked to collect details like office and residential addresses. Their day-to-day movement is also tracked. As per intel reports, sleeper cells of Dawood Ibrahim’s D-gang have already been activated to carry out the attack. The state governments have been told by the Centre to follow the 3-pronged security approach.

Strengthen security cover of leaders

Focus on Transnational criminal and underworld entities.

Assess Targets, Perpetrators and assassination plans.

Additionally, a few Muslim leaders, claiming to be representatives of their community in India, started a campaign against PM Modi’s participation in the historic ceremony for which majority Hindus waited for several generations. Earlier these liberals vowed to respect the Supreme Court decision, but these people are saying that the top court gave its verdict under the government pressure. This happened a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed Bhoomi Pujan for Ram temple at Ayodhya.

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