Parliamentary Fascia Meeting with FB Executive on 2nd of September

Parliamentary Fascia Meeting with FB Executive on 2nd of September

On September 2, the legislative panel on Information Technology will meet Facebook executives to hear views of the report. 

Social media gigantic Facebook today claimed that it “prohibits hate speech” amid a massive political dispute triggered by a report in the US publication Wall Street Journal. The report claimed that Facebook deliberately ignored disorderly content from members of the ruling party BJP and as well as right-wing voices and groups who have been “flagged internally”.

The Congress on Sunday demanded a probe by a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) into Facebook’s links with the BJP and the role of the social media platforms, including chat services provider WhatsApp, in spreading hate and fake news in India. WhatsApp is simultaneously owned by Facebook itself.

As the Congress and the BJP wrangle over the issue. The Facebook managerial remains allegedly answerable for the decision to favor the right-wing. A complaint is filed with the police. Ankhi Das, Facebook executive representing India’s network alleged that she received threats online. The Congress and BJP defended each other of deploying social media to take advantage.

A new trend of derogatory has been set in India. Numerous political leaders are commenting derogatory like Sambit Patra, Sanjay Singh, and so on.

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor reacted immediately and said Nishikant Dubey, the BJP MP, has brought the committee’s work into disrepute. He also added the Parliamentary panel would “certainly wish” to hear from the social media outfit about these reports and what it proposes to do about hate speech in the country.

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