Bihar Polls: Separate Booth for COVID19 Patients? Points that Need Attentions

Bihar Polls: Separate Booth for COVID19 Patients? Points that Need Attentions

Election Commission issues guidelines for the Cocid-19 patients specifically amid the Bihar polls. EC allocates separate Covid-19 patients polls and designated grounds for rallies with considering social distancing.

The commission will be scheduling the set of guidelines for holding the elections on September 20. The polls are scheduled in the months of October-November in the state. 

Amidst of the rising Covid-19 cases, certain aspects demand proper attention.

  1. The Covid-19 score of the state stands at 1.12 lakh Covid-19 cases including 574 fatalities. Adding to which, the tests per million of the state stand at the 5 lowest among all the other states i.e 14,618. Also, the percentage of the positive cases among samples tested is 6, making it another aspect of the safety of the polls be conducting.
  2. However, the total number of polling booths is expected to be increased by 50 percent to ensure physical distancing while voting. 
  3. The EC will also look for the local authorities to designate grounds for rallies ensuring social distancing. While EC is also open with virtual campaigning of the same.
  4. On Thursday, Union Democratic Alliance (UDA) convenor and former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha joined a host of leaders for seeking postponement of the polls. He states, “I am of the view that assembly elections should not be held in the current scenario. Polls should be conducted later.” He emphasized on putting political activities on hold considering the rise in the rise of Covid-19 cases.
  5. With a country like New Zealand postponing national elections from September 19 to October 17 in a phase where it detected no cases for 102 days with a population of 48.9 lakhs. Bihar’s total Covid-19 cases stand alone att 1,12K. 
  6. Except, Bhartiya Janata Party and Nitish Kumar’s JD(U), almost all the other parties have demanded to postpone the same.

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