Taiwan once again Incriminates China of Cyber-attacks.

Taiwan once again Incriminates China of Cyber-attacks.

Taiwan, the self governing democratic island had accused Beijing of “infiltration” into its government systems. The alleged cyber attacks on Taiwan have been going on since 2018

On Wednesday, 19th August, Taiwan claimed that hackers associated with the Chinese government had hacked them. About 6,000 email accounts of government officials. And at least 10 government firms in an “infiltration” to steal vital data of the nation.

Liu Chia-zung, The Deputy Director of the Taiwan Investigation Bureau of Cyber Security said, “Chinese hacking groups have been infiltrating government agencies. Their information service providers for a long time. They were aiming to acquire important government documents and data. Some government data might have been leaked. This has posed a great threat.” Taiwanese officials say that damage undoubtedly was done to a great extent. The extent of damage is still being assessed. Such types of attacks have been taking place since 2018. (source: TaipeiTimes)

China absolutely considers Taiwan as it’s territory. Hence, Taiwanese officials have been urging citizens to remain extremely vigilant of an alleged “omnipresent infiltration” from China. So far, involvement from Beijing-supported media crusades to many cyber-attacks, against the island is seen.

Department of Cyber Security Director Jyan Hong-wei had estimated that about 30 million cyber attacks were attempted by Chinese officials against Taiwan per month. This was during the presidential run in January.

Albeit China ramped up military force near the democratic island, They claim to never use force to bring the island under its authority. (Source)

Although China alleges that they don’t hack routinely and punish those who do it, Taiwan isn’t convinced. According to TOI, Taipei has incriminated China of starting a cyber campaign since 2016. When Taiwan elected President Tsai Ing-wen, refused to acknowledge Beijing’s dictate that Taiwan is part of “One China.”

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