Indian Captain in Mauritius Detained over Oil Leak Disaster

Indian Captain in Mauritius Detained over Oil Leak Disaster

The Indian captain, Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar, was admonished in a district court.

Which is in Port Louis, capital of  Mauritius. Mauritius a country that is known for it’s dazzling and crystal clear lagoons.

There are lots of crimes that have been mentioned in the Mauritian maritime laws on the charge of endangering the safe navigation of a vessel. This act also falls into the offense under the Mauritian maritime laws. 

Tilak Ratna Suboda a chief officer from Sri Lanka also arrested along with him. Both of them are taken to police custody. They will appear in court for the next hearing on August 25th. Mr. Nandeshwar’s lawyer, Ilshad Mansoor told during the phone interview.

The beauty of the Island is appealing and the people of the country are still facing numerous ecological threats. The zone is highly sensitive environmentally. This incident also impacted the world-famous crystal clear bays. The life of animals who are living under the sea got impacted due to the leak of oils. Authorities tried to stop splitting the oil into the sea but it has mixed in seawater.

The island nation of about 1.3 million people is still contending with how to protect its world-renowned coral reefs and crystal-clear lagoons after the spill. The ship is divided into 2 parts.

The National Crisis Management Committee said on Monday to avoid any damage in the future seven miles of protective boom has been stood. India and France also helped the country to solve these issues. People of the country also donated to keep the country uncontaminated and safe.

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