Delhi NCR Floods Leaves Halt Traffic, Submerging Cars and Lives

Delhi NCR Floods Leaves Halt Traffic, Submerging Cars and Lives

New Delhi- On Wednesday, Delhi NCR is faced with water logging due to heavy rain. Roads are turned into rivers and houses are submerged and traffic surged and some lace is not providing even the little place to walk. Heavy rain is taking in all the roads and streets, houses.

Noida, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad comes under the Delhi NCR. Gurgaon is under the Haryana government and Noida and Ghaziabad are under UP government. Lack of preparedness for a season is seemingly being the root cause to face this situation every year. The government does not seem to be making preparations to rain during monsoon as this issue raised every year. 

The flooding was particularly severe due to rain. In Gurugram, and Noida where underpasses in some of the city’s most swank neighborhoods resembled a river. Forcing at least two motorists to escape from their drowning cars and swim to safety. The rescue rafts are to be deployed. 

Roads were completely submerged and the vehicle has slowed down due to water logging traffic disruption started at various points in Noida. Traffic disruption has started in Khoda, Noida due to rain with many other sectors submerging. 

Lack of proper road construction seems to be a problem in the same regions. Greater Noida, Noida, via Bhangal road causes bottleneck and traffic disrupted heavily. Motorists were also destructed in Noida and all the passengers struggling on the roads. During monsoon, all the layer of government’s work has uncovered due to lack of infrastructure and planning. People agonize a similar state of affairs every year.

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