Centre plans re-opening schools in phases amid the Pandemic.

Centre plans re-opening schools in phases amid the Pandemic.

Schools and other educational institutions are expected to be re-opened in phases. The Central government has structured out a plan although the final decision will be taken by the respective State governments.

The Central government has drawn out a potential plan to re-open schools and educational institutions by 1st September. The Centre plans to re-open them in a phased manner. A meeting had been arranged to discuss the modalities and objective of the idea. It had been discussed by the group of secretaries attached to the Group of Ministers on Covid-19 management, The meeting was preceded by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan.

The decision is most likely to be notified as part of the final unlock guidelines. It will be issued later this month and potentially direct the states on unlocking its remaining activities after 31st August. (Source: ET)

According to a TOI, a senior official expressed that, “the states, where caseloads have been low, have also expressed their keenness to bring back students of senior classes”.

SOPs to be implemented on a national level

(SOPs) i.e broad Standard Operating Procedures would be carried out for educational institutions. This decision arrives in, after a quick survey conducted earlier in July by the department of school education. It was observed that parents are not in favor of sending their children to schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The state governments have contended before the Centre that students of economically weaker sections(EWS) have been severely affected by the Pandemic.

The probable reports further express that, students of classes 10 to 12 would be proposed to attend school for the first 15 days. Different sections of a class would visit schools on its assigned days. Educational Institutions will mostly operate in shifts. Timings may vary from 8 am-11 am and 12 pm-3pm. The Institutions have been asked to operate on 33 percent capacity of both the students and teaching staff.

The discussions within the group of secretaries revealed that the government does not favour pre-primary and primary school students attending physical classes and would rather permit them to continue with school online. The probable guidelines reveal, After the introduction of physical classes for Class 10 to 12, the schools would be advised to start physical schooling with restricted hours for Class 6 to 9.

The final call ,however, would be given to state governments. The Central government shall only recommend the state governments on how to operate the institutions. But the ultimate verdict is in the State government’s hands. They particularly get to decide on how and when should they re-open schools and other educational institutions again.

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