Philippines Govt to Follow Dharavi Model to Fight with CoVID-19

Philippines Govt to Follow Dharavi Model to Fight with CoVID-19

Mumbai Mumbai’s compactly populated slum, which was considered a Covid-19 hotspot until June, recorded just four corona positive cases on Monday, with numbers repetitively on the decline. The accomplishment of this “Dharavi model” now become the source of courtesy for the Philippines government.

“This is recognition of our effort. Earlier, India was following the model of other countries but now other countries have taken notice of our fight,” BMC Commissioner Iqbal Chahal said in conversation with India Today.

And now, the Dharavi Model for corona from Mumbai is going international, with the Philippines government going to trail it to contain the spread of the coronavirus in densely occupied slum areas of the country.

The BMC, which is playing a significant role to fight with a corona in Mumbai, has shared the Dharavi blueprint, called the “chase the virus policy”, with the Philippine government’s health department. Local administration developed the solutions as per the requirements, resource and constraints.

The World Health Organization has welcomed the Kerala Model for the efficiency of the model.

Inquirer which is news based portal in Philippines admired the Dharavi model  stating “Social distancing and lockdowns are almost impossible in large slums. But with the cooperation of local leaders, the BMC concentrated on rigorous contact tracing, created large quarantine facilities and isolated vulnerable people.  Community tablets  were regularly cleaned to maintain hygiene and treatment and testing were ramped up with the cooperation of private hospitals.




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