North Korea orders Citizens to Hand over their Pets to Save Country from Meat Shortages

North Korea orders Citizens to Hand over their Pets to Save Country from Meat Shortages

Kim Jong Un has recently ordered its citizens to give up on their pets to save the country from meat shortages. Amid the shortage of meat, North Korea sees to convert canines into meat for restaurants.

To meet the massive food shortages and quell discontent among the North Koreans, Kim Jong Un has now considered pet dogs as a solution. Using an inhuman excuse that he used to justify this action, he mentions ‘poor own cattle while rich maintains pet dogs’, report by The Mirror states.

Another theory, he put to owning the dogs, he stated that having a pet dogs is a sign of ‘capitalism’ and ‘bourgeois ideology’. According to another report by a South Korean Newspaper, he also ordered a ban on pet ownership mentioning it as a symbol of “western decadence”

Authorities have been appointed to identify families that owns the dog. Once the families are identified, they’ll be forced to hand over their pets to be confiscated or set to zoos and restaurants.

Since Jong Un runs dictatorial ship in North Korea, it is unlikely that citizens will be able to refuse. Many families have their hands tied and are unwilling to give up on their pets. However, in The Beet’s report, US animal rescue groups are putting efforts to save dogs from being eaten.

“COVID-19 is devastating for humans but now it’s having a huge effect on dogs who have already suffered at the hands of the dog meat trade. Even if you’re not traveling from South Korea, you can still make a big difference for these dogs who need urgent help. Please consider sponsoring a stranded dog meat survivor.” – Fleur Dawes, Communications Director for In Defense of Animals.

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