CPC expels Party’s Critic after She Accused Xi for Provoking Country like India

CPC expels Party’s Critic after She Accused Xi for Provoking Country like India

The 68-years-old was an ardent critic of the CPC and Xi Jingping. Her speeches apparently, tarnished China’s reputation and she was expelled from the party.

The Communist Party of China (CPC), evicted an unhesitating critic of President Xi Jinping’s government. Cai Xia, who accused Xi of “provoking” conflict with countries like India. To avert attention of the Chinese public from domestic economic and social issues rising. She was expelled from CPC.

The 68- years-old was a former professor at the Central Party School in Beijing. “This party has become a political zombie. This system, fundamentally speaking, has to be jettisoned.” she claimed in a talk which went viral last month in July.

Due to this, the CPC banished her since her speeches “damaged the reputation of the country. Her speeches were filled with serious political problems. They were of extraordinarily execrable nature and violated political discipline”.

Following an interview with the UK’s Guardian, Cai told Xi was provoking conflict between China and India.

He was encouraging anti-American sentiment to consolidate his own position and authority.

She was questioned on China becoming an enemy for the world by provoking conflicts. Cai said, “there are several factors. Among them is that he wants to consolidate his own position and authority”.

“Considering domestic economic and social tensions, as well as those in the party of the last few years. He thinks of ways to divert the attention of the Chinese public. By provoking conflict with other countries. For example encouraging an anti-American sentiment and the recent clash between China and India”, she said. She apparently referred to the clash in the Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh. (Source: HindustanTimes)

Nonetheless, Cai is currently safe and is living in the United States. “At last I have regained my freedom”, she made the statement after expulsion.

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