Apple may Uncover ‘Made-in-India’ iPhone 12 in the Mid 2021

Apple may Uncover ‘Made-in-India’ iPhone 12 in the Mid 2021

New Delhi: US tech gigantic Apple is supposedly bearing in mind producing its upcoming flagship iPhone 12 in India by the mid of 2021. People are obsessed with the advanced model of Apple. They are eagerly waiting for iPhone 12. This model becomes the center of attraction for the crazy mobile users.

Several market analysts are also taking this production towards the Aatma-nirbharta. The new iPhone12 in India is a well-planned policy of Apple to cut dependency on China. this initiative has been taken to make India self -reliant

India is going crazy while it comes to cell phones as it has also become a status symbol. This new model will be launched with advanced technology and extra features which is the desirable requirement of the crazy phone users. The size will be a little larger than the previous model. Rumors are spreading that it will have an OLED display.

It is noticed that the Cupertino-based company has already manufactured its premium iPhone 11 at the Foxconn unit near Chennai. The topmost model has been manufactured by an Indian company.

It has square edges just like iPhone 6. At present, the iPhone 11 has an LCD, whereas the Pro models have OLED. There are also reports of a variable refresh rate with a 120Hz refresh rate reported that can drop down to 60Hz when needed.

Most reports recommend Apple will adopt 5G connectivity for the upcoming phone. We are aware that all the services, and manufacturing has been impacted by COVID-19 the reason of delay.

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