Loyal Companion Passed Away, Maharashtra Police offers Homage

Loyal Companion Passed Away, Maharashtra Police offers Homage

Dogs are our genuine companion of human beings and famous for their loyalty and selflessness love. The police and army dogs are supportive in a tremendous way. A Beed dog who was found by Maharashtra Police, who has been in service for years has now bid farewell to the world.

The canine colleague named Rocky died on Sunday. As per the information shared by Beed police, Rocky, the right-hand canine has helped Maharashtra’s Beed police in solving 365 cases. On his passing away, he received a teary departure from his colleagues and officials of Mumbai.

They also shared multiple pictures from the farewell ceremony of their canine friend.

Rocky, the trustee canine colleague who helped the Beed Police solve 365 cases took his last breaths on Sunday. He received a farewell from his fellow police personnel.

“At 4 pm today, Rocky, our canine companion and colleague passed away due to a long illness. He had helped in the solving of 365 cases. The Beed Police family is deeply hurt by his demise. A tribute was paid to the brave dog,” Beed Police tweeted accompanied by pictures of Rocky.

Some dogs are especially skilled to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel for various services like searching drugs and explosives, finding proof, and detecting people.


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