PM Modi announces National Health ID on Independence Day

PM Modi announces National Health ID on Independence Day

During the speech of Independence Day, PM Narendra Modi announced about the National Health ID. It allows every individual to keep track of their health details.

“From today, a major campaign is being launched in which technology will play a big role. The National Digital Health Mission is being launched today. This will bring a new revolution in India’s health sector and it will help reduce problems in getting treatment with the help of technology,” he said.

What is Health ID?

National Health ID will be a digitalized form of all health-related information of an individual such as medication, diagnoses, disease etc. It links to a phone number or Aadhar number of the individual. Thus it depends on the consent of the person whether he wants to link all his detail on the ID.

“Every Indian will be given a health ID, which will work as each Indian’s health account,” Modi said. He added that it would ease problems faced by citizens in getting healthcare access.

How will the health ID function?

According to Prime Minister Modi, This ID will have the prescription made to an individual by the doctor along with the reports. Modi called this ID as ‘swasth khata’ or health book which will be available in the form of a mobile app most approximately.

It will be applicable across States, hospitals with data being safe and protected. This project will empower the health infrastructure in India.

Though, It isn’t compulsory to associate with this scheme. It depends on the individual’s consent only.

The idea of health ID first came to surface in 2017 in the National Health Policy. In June 2018 Niti Ayog proposed a digital health ID to reduce medical errors and empower the medical infrastructure.

Narendra Modi also spoke on the battle with the Corona Virus and how the country is coping with the same. He announced that there are plans for the mass production of vaccines once a vaccine gets a green signal.

He ensured that there is a prepared roadmap to provide vaccines to every individual of the nation in the shortest period . There are three vaccines that are in different stages of trials in the country.

Modi ensured the nation that we will win against this pandemic.

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