Fake news and hatred are spread by BJP says Rahul Gandhi

Fake news and hatred are spread by BJP says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi had accused BJP of “controlling Facebook and Whatsapp and spreading fake news through those platforms to increase the electorate.

A new clash had taken place between the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Congress on Sunday. An article by the name “Facebook Hate-Speech Rules Collide With Indian Politics.” published by The Wall Street Journal had allegedly claimed that Indian Facebook tends to overlook the hate speech and other displeasing content by BJP leaders. “Punishing violations by BJP workers would damage the company’s business prospects in the country.” Claimed the Journal. A broader pattern of Favouritism can be seen towards BJP on Facebook currently.

This article led to a clash between the two political parties. Rahul Gandhi had tweeted the article as proof of social media manipulation.

Shashi Tharoor, the senior Congress leader also highlighted the issue.  “The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology would certainly wish to hear from @Facebook about these reports & what they propose to do about hate-speech in India,” his tweet read.

However, BJP retorted by Highlighting Congress’ Cambridge Analytical issue. Ravi Shankar Prasad, who leads the communications department, quickly took a shot at Congress. He brought to the surface, their 3-year-old Cambridge Analytical Issue.

He also quoted the Party as ‘Losers’. Mr Prasad also added another tweet that said, “access to information and freedom of expression has been democratized”. “It is no longer controlled by retainers of your family and that is why it hurts.”

According to a report by NDTV, in March 2018, a year before the general elections, the Congress and the BJP traded charges after it emerged that the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica — a London-based data firm accused of accessing data of millions of Facebook users to help elect US President Donald Trump in 2016 — could have links to elections in India.

Cambridge Analytica’s website said the company provided its services. It was during the Bihar election in 2010 to a political party in India. The website of the Indian affiliate of Cambridge Analytica, Ovleno Business Intelligence (OBI), mentioned the BJP, Congress and the Janata Dal (United) of Nitish Kumar as clients.

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