Covid-19 vaccine set in motion but world seems humdrum

Covid-19 vaccine set in motion but world seems humdrum

The World is going through a complex phase due to COVID-19.

Numerous scientists, manufacturers have been involved to produce vaccines for the COVID-19. This journey is not easy to fight against this pandemic. We require vaccines quickly and effectively. India is also striving to produce the vaccine for corona.

U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called it “the most urgent shared endeavor of our lifetimes”

We are living in the Hi-tech world but it has difficult journeys to go on and produce a vaccine for corona.

In the UK, the heart of that effort is at the Harwell Science Campus, on an ex-RAF airbase in Oxfordshire.

It is going to be the UK’s Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC), plans for which have been brought forward in Covid-19.

We require billions of vaccines with the variety as per the requirement for COVID-19. We also need manufacturing, distribution all over the world.

Ultimately, the human race will need to make billions of doses of several types of Covid-19 vaccines. They will all have to be manufactured, distributed ,and administered across the globe.

Dr. Charlie Weller, head of vaccines at the UK’s Welcome Trust, says countries are going to have to ask some frank questions.

“Who needs this vaccine? Which are the highest risk groups? And who is the highest priority? Because what we’re pretty clear about is any initial vaccine is likely to outstrip supply, so choices will need to be made.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin Announced On Tuesday that it is named Sputnik V.

As the world has been waiting for the vaccine for so long, it is almost ready so there is nothing as feeling excited anymore because we already lost billions of lives.

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