Activist requests eviction of Sambit Patra from his “illegal accomodation”

Activist requests eviction of Sambit Patra from his “illegal accomodation”

Mumbai based political activist, Saket Gokhle, has filed a letter to the Rajya Sabha Secretariat and House Committee requesting Immediate eviction of BJP spokesperson, Sambit Patra, from his illegal accommodation, which he has occupied on North Avenue. 

Mr. Gokhale has sought immediate action regarding “illegal allocation, occupation and misuse” of “MP guest accommodation, 211, North Avenue, New Delhi”. The guest accommodation was allocated to “Shri Anil Baluni, since May 2018”. Subsequently, the property was occupied by his guest, Shri Avinash Rai Khanna, ex-MP, Rajya Sabha. The letter further read, it was confirmed that Avinash Rai Khanna already had a place of residence in Delhi and that the premises were being “illegally occupied by BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra”. 

The Journalist turned investigator activist strengthened his findings by highlighting rules regarding guest accommodation to members of the Rajya Sabha. Guest accommodation is alloted in “V.P house, North and South Avenue and Meena Bagh under exceptional circumstances by the house committee for guests who come to visit Members during the parliamentary session”.  The committee usually faces difficulty in allotting guest accommodation as the accommodation in the Rajya Sabha pool is extremely limited. 

Mr. Gokhle called it a matter of grave concern that, not only has the mentioned property been allocated to Shri. Anil Baluni for over 2 years, but the occupant on Rajya Sabha records is the same person for this period, clearly indicating that he’s not a guest but a permanent resident. Further that an occupant allowing another occupant namely, Sambit Patra, at the premises was “Flagrant and shocking violation of Rajya sabha housing norms”. 

He has further requested to be informed about the  “exceptional reasons”  for which Shri. Anil Baluni was allocated the property for two years and for” his guest Shri. Avinash Rai Khanna to be the on-paper occupant for premises which is only meant for short term guest occupation”. And has requested immediate eviction of “Sambit Patra or any other unauthorized person” illegally occupying the property.   

As a citizen of India, I refuse to allow public money to be illegally spent on a vile hate monger by providing him lavish MP accommodation, his Instagram post on the same read. Saket Gokhle is an ex-journalist with an experience of over 10+ years.  

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