Tiktok to Undergo French Data Probe, affix to ‘European Union’ Inspection

Tiktok to Undergo French Data Probe, affix to ‘European Union’ Inspection

Byte dance Ltd.’s social media app ‘Tiktok’ will now face an investigation by France’s privacy watchdog.

CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty) is a French Administrative Regulatory Body that controls the data privacy is looking at various matters about Company’s privacy policies including communication with users and protection of children.

Notably, Tiktok is planning to set up a European Union Headquarters for data purposes.

As the app is widely loved by Dutch kids, Netherland to open an investigation into companies policy to protect data related to children, EU officials announced on August 5.

Whereas, The U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s Office has been looking into TikTok since last year. Notably, TikTok announced about the plan to set up it’s first data centre in Europe with an investment of 420 million-euro ($500 million) in Ireland.

Although the Chinese company has rejected all the claims regarding the fact that it is controlled by the Chinese government. Whereas, US President Donald Trump has been continuously targeting the application saying it jeopardizes the National security.

The EU group of the regulators in their statement expressed ‘specific suspicion regarding certain developments in facial recognition technology. ’TikTok in an emailed statement stated that ‘its top priority is users’ privacy and safety’ and they are happy to cooperate with EU.

The 27 nation EU has some of the strictest data protection laws in the world. Byte dance Ltd.’s major concern right now would be to get past this.

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