Sushant’s Family Lawyer attacks Rhea and Police: Is it really suicide or just an attempt to show?

Sushant’s Family Lawyer attacks Rhea and Police: Is it really suicide or just an attempt to show?

In front of Judge Roy, Vikas Singh the family lawyer of Sushant Singh Rajput claimed that no one saw the body hanging. According to him, the Mumbai police didn’t even wait for Sushant’s sister who lives barely ten minutes away from Sushant’s flat. He attacked Mumbai police saying that they are not nabbing the real culprits.

He said, “I am from Patna, and without my son, I have no one to light my funeral pyre. This itself shows that Patna has jurisdiction no one has seen my son hanging. When my daughter reached, Sushant was lying on the bed. This needs investigation. As soon as mourning is over, he registered the FIR in Patna.”

The lawyer also claimed that Sushant’s father K.K Singh continuously wanted to talk to Sushant but Rhea didn’t reply. He wants the case to be investigated to know if Sushant was murdered. 

He added, “Look at the mark on his neck it’s a belt mark, not a rope!”

Moreover, the Centre in the argument mentioned that the Maharashtra government’s affidavit has ‘misleading’ statements. The Centre also demands a fair probe in this case. According to the Centre, the Maharashtra government has framed the whole case as suicide and the truth must come out.

Notably, there are so many matters of facts that make the suicide story hard to believe. Several doubts have surfaced since the case came under the close public concern.

Why would a person like him who was so down to earth, happy with himself, immensely optimistic with love for quantum physics, astrology and space technology would end his life without saying anything, without even leaving a suicide note.

  1. Firstly no one saw him hanging. All the pictures and videos captured him lying on the bed already. 
  2. His medical reports were placed near his bed. Why would a person keep his medical reports like this? It seemed like someone put it there to prove that he was going through depression.
  3. The night before he died, He had a party at home. Some of his friends came over and two of them stayed overnight. The neighbors told that they heard the sound of hooting and all. Next morning, he went for a walk after returning he played games on his PlayStation and then took a glass of pomegranate juice to his room and locked the room from inside. Later, when the cook asked him for lunch, he didn’t reply. His friends and cook called the lockman to open the door. According to them, They found him hanging and called the police and his sister.
  4. The last calls before he died were made to Rhea Chakraborthy, his girlfriend, at 1.47 am and Mahesh Shetty at 1.51 am. Neither calls were returned. Moreover, Rhea deleted all the pictures of both of them three days before he died.
  5. A company named ‘Vividrage Rhealityx Private Limited’ was started by Sushant along with Rhea and her brother Showik Chakraborthy. Though all the expenses were made by Sushant only. And that this fact was not divulged to the police during Rhea’s nine-hour interrogation.
  6. For Autopsy, Sushant’s body was taken to Cooper hospital by his friend Sandeep and it was reported that Mahesh Bhatt knew a doctor there. The videos from cooper hospital also came to the surface where the doctors were demanding bribe earlier.
  7. On various fronts, Sushant’s case is being linked with his former manager Disha’s death who committed suicide just eight days before he died. Since then he changed his SIM cards 50 times because he was receiving death threats. So who was threatening him and why?
  8. Subsequently, after his death, his mobile phone was taken into Police Custody. His Instagram and Twitter accounts were being tampered by someone, he was suddenly following director Mahesh Bhatt.

There are so many facts that point towards this death to be murdered which is being framed as suicide. Though CBI is now investigating the case and center is also demanding for a fair and free probe.

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