The HRD Minister of Jharkhand has now taken Admission in Grade 11

The HRD Minister of Jharkhand has now taken Admission in Grade 11

After a gap of almost 25 years, the 53-year-old minister is now re-starting his education. He has only passed matriculation in 1995.

This decision comes after the heavy criticism he faced for his educational qualifications. Harsh criticism was received by both the common people and the elected members. He said he was quite offended by the criticism.

The Minister so far has only graduated class 10th and received the matriculation certificate in 1995. “Constant criticism has inspired me to re-start my pending education. Ever since I was made the Education Minister of Jharkhand, people have been aggressive on my educational qualification.” the 53- year old Minister quoted.

After a gap of almost 25 years, he decided to resume his education again. And as a result, it led to many heads turning towards him because of his decision. Mahto said, ” I will now carry on my education, along with the Education Minister.

He shall pursue a degree in the Arts stream. When inquired about his subjects, Mahto said, ” I am a politician, so political science will be there for sure. I will choose the rest of the subjects very soon.” When questioned as to how will he attain a balance between both his education and the ministry, Mahto said, “Let me get admission first. I have applied for admission today. If my application falls under the rules, I will get admission. Thereafter, I will think about striking the balance.”

Mahto on managing both his education and ministry as well as him not being the only one in the assembly to have a mere matriculate degree.

The minister said that he had always wished for higher education and he was going to fulfill it. When inquired again, if he wished to be a graduate as well, Mahto replied, “My first target is to clear the intermediate examinations. Then, I will think about it.”

But Mahto is not the only only one to have a matriculate degree. According to the report by ADR. Out of the 81 legislators in the Jharkhand assembly during past elections, 30 MLAs had a between 8th and 12th pass certificate. And only 49 of them had qualifications of graduate and above.

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