Six-years Innocent Kidnapped, Raped in Hapur

Six-years Innocent Kidnapped, Raped in Hapur

A six-year-old girl kidnapped and raped in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur district on Thursday is in a critical condition as the police continue searching for her attackers even four days on. 

This is again a ferocious activity and the girl has gone under multiple surgeries due to the mutilation of her vagina. 3 sketches have been released and police are trying to nab them as early as possible.

She was kidnapped by kidnappers when she was playing in front of her home at night. Villagers are showing their rage due to the carelessness of the U.P Police. The police did not help them to find the girl, villagers themselves found her in fields soaked with blood and unconscious behind bushes not far from her village. 

She is stable but not out of danger. Her physical pain and wounds may be recovering but there is a rare chance that she recovers from the mental trauma which she is facing now. 

Rape is become common due to lack of punishment and complex judiciary systems which is part of the country. The system needs to act on this matter and criminals must be hanged as early as possible to set the examples for others. 

Severe punishment for a rapist is the only solution to eradicate rape problems. The administration must keep their tab on that police are working accurately and sincerely. The girl has recognized the alleged culprit  from his sketches that the police released after the crime.

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