COVID-19 Update: On Sunday, India maintains 3rd Position on COVID Chart

On Sunday, India had 62,117 new cases of Corona Virus which directs the total number to be 2,214,137 making India third country with highest COVID cases after the USA and Brazil.In the last 24 hours, 1,013 are the new casualties recorded. The total fatality count reaches 44,466.

Meanwhile, the WHO renews call for countries to join its COVAX platform. The COVAX facility was launched in the last week of April. According to the COVAX initiative,The countries who join the initiative are also assured supply of vaccines whenever they become successful. The countries will get assured supplies to protect at least 20 per cent of their populations.

The facility aims to raise funds for faster development of a vaccine for Corona Virus so that Vaccine once approved, could be manufactured on a large scale.

According to a report, US$ 18.1 billion were required to cover the costs of research and development, manufacturing, and delivery of vaccines to different countries.

Notably, In India ICMR target of One million test per day by the end of August. India performed 719,364 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) tests on Saturday.

Globally, According to Worldometer, 20,031,552 is the total number of Cases recorded with 734,098 total casualties.

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