India adds 1 mn new COVID19 Cases in Three Weeks

India adds 1 mn new COVID19 Cases in Three Weeks

On 6th August 2020, India tally of Covid-19 cases crossed the 2 million mark. Only the U.S and Brazil have more cases than India at the moment. While Maharashtra, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu emerged as original hotspots for Coronavirus cases. The majority of new cases have come from the states of Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Bihar.

India reached half a million cases on June 26 the subsequent half-million cases were added in 20 days ( one million cases), 12 days ( 1.5 million cases), and 9 days ( 2 million cases). While the U.S and Brazil have improved on their doubling rate per 500,000 significantly, the same is not the case with India. India’s doubling rate has only increased as the number of days taken to add the subsequent half a million cases has reduced.

90% of the cases occurred after India decided to lift the nationwide hard lockdown imposed on March 24th. According to experts, If cases continue to rise at the current rate then it would take India just a little over a week to surpass the grim three million mark.

Data from States and Union territories show that the number of recoveries has surged to 13,78,105 as of 7th August 2020. Recoveries exceed the number of active cases by more than 7 lakh.

The Union Health Ministry said that “ The progressively increasing daily new recoveries are due to a focused attention on surveillance, containment and effective clinical management. India created a network of COVID Dedicated Hospitals to manage the cases”.

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