Beirut Explosion Shatters the Lebanese Capital

Beirut Explosion Shatters the Lebanese Capital

The disarray that led to Beirut’s devastating explosion is of gigantic importance to Lebanon’s recent condition. This tragedy happened at a large level due to negligence.

The cause of the blast is massive port explosions that have stored without any safety measure as ammonium nitrate is a deadly chemical. And people said that officials are getting warning continuously but they ignored that. The amount of 2700 tons of exploding ammonium nitrate is very large in amount.

This raises many questions upon the authority. Why this huge amount of chemical has been stored carelessly at the port? Negligence of the authority cost very high and could prove deadly events that killed 137 people and injured 5000 people, adding to the list of 2020’s largest devastation.

Viral video clip of Beirut, Lebanon (Source: RT Arabic)

Lack of responsibility of authorities responsible for the blast that shuddered the town. “The real problem is that over time it will absorb little bits of moisture and it eventually turns into an enormous rock”, Andrea Sella, professor of Chemistry at University College London, told the BBC.

This kind of accident occurred earlier when Ammonium nitrate has been associated with deadly industrial accidents in 1947, a ship carrying 2,000 tons of the chemical blasted in Texas. In which, 581 people were killed and many injured.

The Lebanese government looks to ensure that those affected by the blast have access to satisfactory housing, food, water, and health care, with all aid circulated equally and fairly.

The inquiry should regulate the causes and obligation for the explosion and endorse measures as a safeguard that this kind of tragedy does not take place again.

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