Debris is growing Grace in the hand of Bhadadri Kothagudam, Telangana

Debris is growing Grace in the hand of Bhadadri Kothagudam, Telangana

Palwancha in Bhadradri Kothagudam district of Telangana has made a brand renew opening in waste administration. The town signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kerala- based Green Worms for waste management which was founded by Jabir Karat in 2014.

Green Worms are very helpful to sustain our environment. They believed that As citizens of a society we have a responsibility to manage our waste sustainably. We can do this following the five R’s of waste management:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Recover
  • Residual Management

Reducing waste is the most significant thing we can do. By reducing waste, we avoid the unnecessary use of resources such as materials, energy, and water. It means there is less waste to manage.

Jabir Karat/TedX

Group of 170 girls are working together and they are handling 60-70 tonnes every day which is a big amount. The material Is separated which can be used in compositing and biological processes. Compositing can be done at the very small to a vast level .they segregate each item separately such as :

  • Undesirable Toys And Books save and reuse them
  • Wrapping papers and boxes, old jar save for reuse
  • Waste which can be recycled keep separately and sent to the recycle center.
  • Refilling the earth with rotting fruits, vegetables, and food items.
  • self- help groups are playing a significant role in waste management 95% waste has used every day and remains just 5 %.

This process eliminates the undesirable things from the environment which causes pollution at a grand level. If the item had not been used or recycled. In contrast, manufacturing a product from raw materials can consume lots of energy, time, and resources but using old ones makes the environment light and safe.

Their numbers of benefits has taken from the waste management such as :

  • Environmental Welfares
  • Community Welfares

We can manage our waste by understanding the kind of waste and using them as per their category.

Composting can be done by individual householders and community groups. On a larger scale, the waste from an entire town or city could be composted And at the vast level, it can be done in a large area. It works as a soil improver.

Waste reduction is also important at the household level. Such as we can use all the peel off in digging deep in the soil in our clay pot.

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