“There might never be a ‘silver bullet’ of Corona virus”, warned WHO.

“There might never be a ‘silver bullet’ of Corona virus”, warned WHO.

The battle with COVID-19 is still on and when the whole world is rushing to discover effective vaccines, the warning from WHO is haunting. The organisation urged the governments and citizens to keep basics of public health and disease control in mind in order to suppress the pandemic.

Although, US President Donald Trump said that America is doing ‘very well’ in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic as compared to big countries, while India is having a ‘tremendous problem’ battling the disease and China is witnessing a “massive flare-up” in infections.

In India, the number of cases stands at 5,86,298 while 12,30,509 patients have recovered. This, the total number of Covid19 cases are 18,55,745 and death toll rises to 38,938 with 803 new fatalities.

On Sunday itself, India recorded the highest number of Corona cases (53,641) more than the US or Brazil. Whereas, India’s fatality rate hits it’s lowest since lockdown at 2.15% vs 3.3% in mid-June. The recovery rate amongst the COVID-19 patients has recently risen to 66.31%.

With Russia claiming to be ahead of rivals in the race to produce COVID vaccine, the Russian government is planning mass COVID vaccination drive from October 2020. The health minister of Russia said that doctors and teachers will be vaccinated first. Russia has reported over 8.45 lakh cases with over 14,000 deaths so far.

Recently, the US President health advisor Dr.Anthony Fauci expressed “cautious optimism” about the vaccine being available by the end of the year. He said “I don’t think it’s dreaming…I believe it’s a reality (and) will be shown to be a reality.”

Furthermore, at a web conference organised by the Indian Council for Medical Research, he said that India would play a critical role in supplying the world with COVID-19 vaccine. He added, “ India’s manufacturing capabilities is going to be very important. We have made it clear that all tests on vaccines will have to meet regulatory standards and include all ethical review and strong data monitoring and safety boards,”

In India, the latest addition to the list of politicians including Home minister Amit Shah, MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Karnataka CM Yediyurappa is former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah who tested positive for COVID-19 today.

Globally, Worldometer has recorded 198,932 cases in the past 24 hours that makes 18,456,665 total number of cases till date with 11,665,214 have recovered and 697,189 have died so far.

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