Education Policy 2020 Trump card, Shortcoming and   Required changes

Education Policy 2020 Trump card, Shortcoming and Required changes

These days a stuff of discussion National Education Planning Framework is in the spotlight. Government announced NEP recently. Restructuring the school curriculum and pedagogy 5+3+3+4 and implementation of the mother tongue as an instruction medium at primary language is the root cause of criticism. We need to apprehend the rubrics in NEP to achieve Foundational literacy and numeracy. There are some key factors which included in NEP.

  • More disciplinary education
  • Promoting multilingualism
  • Experiential learning
  • Use of Technology and Integration
  • Higher priority to Foundational education
  • Emphasis on conceptual understanding
  • Three language formula 

There are some good points in NEP but also some inadequacy are there which need to be reconsidered.

Mother tongue as a medium of primary education -We know the prerequisite of the English at the national and global level as well. Children learn at a fast pace in the early years so they can learn English language with the mother tongue. We can choose English as the medium of instruction at primary level We have not adequate numbers of teachers to maintain the excellence education so recruitment of teacher is also important

We need to face the challenges that stand in the way of implementing the Education Policy

  • Ending politicization in the education process.
  • Adopting effective measures to check corruption in implementing the Policy
  • Linking the existing education system to the job market
  • Recruitment of teacher to ensure the quality of education
  • English should be the medium of primary education

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