Arrival of 5 Rafale in India made Indian Airforce more potent than ever

Arrival of 5 Rafale in India made Indian Airforce more potent than ever

After years of controversy, July 29th finally became the day that every Indian was waiting for so long. 5 rafale landed in India making Indian Air force more potent than ever delivers a clear message to enemies that they should think about their intentions twice.

The deal of 36 rafale worth Rs.59,000 Crore was made with French company “Dassault Aviation” in 2016. The delivery of all the 36 Rafale jets will be done by 2022, One Rafale was delivered in October last year when India celebrated the Air force day. “Real beauty and beats! First five rafale to India- Swift, nimble, versatile, advanced and lethal” said the Indian ambassador to France Jawed Ashraf when the plane was being flagged off from Bordeaux.

The 5 Rafale took off from Bordeaux also took a stopover at Al Dhafra airbase in the UAE before finally landing at Ambala airbase in India covering a total distance of 7,000 km. India’s good relationship with the UAE is one of the obvious reasons why rafale took a stop at Al Dhafra Airbase.

The rafale is included in the 17th ‘Golden Arrow’ squadron of the Indian Air force. The Golden Arrows were raised in 1951 and have been involved in several significant operations through their history including the Kargil war. Indian pilots who have undergone a certain comprehensive training on the aircraft flown the plane said the IAF.

Rafale jets escorted with two of Sukhoi planes got a ceremonial welcome at the Ambala airbase attended by Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauriya along with 17th Squadron “Golden arrows” commanding Officer Group Captain Harikrant Singh, the 5 aircraft and seven pilots.

Keeping the current scenario in mind, the on border tension with China, Ambala airbase was chosen for the landing of Rafale. Ambala airbase eyes on China and Pakistan which made it the perfect landing spot for the rafale. Moreover, The request for early delivery was made by India to France as according to the original delivery schedule, the first 18 jets (including the four in the first batch) were to be delivered to the IAF by February 2021, with the rest expected by April-May 2022.

Specifications of Rafale:

Rafale Delivery Underlines France's 'Below Radar' Role as Key ...
Credit: IAF via PTI

Some of the India specific modifications include radar warning receivers, low band jammer, 10-hour flight data recording, infrared search and tracking system.

It will be equipped with the Hammer missile having a range of 60-70 km with the ability to destroy bunkers.

The presence of Meteor missile will allow Indian Rafale to shoot down an enemy aircraft over 100 km away without even crossing the Indian Airspace

The 5.1 meter long scalp can be carried in either one missile or two missiles configuration in Rafale.

Its inclusion means Indian Rafales would not have to cross the Indian Airspace to hit a target that is about 600km in enemy territory.

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