Batch of Five ‘Golden Arrows’ Reach India in Ambala Air Base

Batch of Five ‘Golden Arrows’ Reach India in Ambala Air Base

The first batch of the Rafales fighter jet of the 36 reaches Haryana’s Ambala Air Base in India on Wednesday. The jets landed nearly three and a half hours after they took off from United Arab Emirates’ Al Dhafra airbase.

This came after the updates of Iranian missiles landing near the halt of the Rafales in the Al Dhafra Airbase. The jets took off on Monday from Bordeaux-Merignac airbase in France and had an overnight halt at Abu Dhabi before taking off for Ambala.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted, “The Birds have landed safely in Ambala. The touch down of Rafale combat aircraft in India marks the beginning of a new era in our Military History. These multirole aircraft will revolutionize the capabilities of the @IAF_MCC.”

He added, “This aircraft has very good flying performance and its weapons, radar, and other sensors and Electronic Warfare capabilities are amongst the best in the world. Its arrival in India will make the IAF much stronger to deter any threat that may be posed on our country.”

Indicating to the China’s trespassing over the LAC issue, he adds, “If it is anyone who should be worried about or critical about this new capability of the Indian Air Force, it should be those who want to threaten our territorial integrity.”

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Credit: Twitter/@DefenceMinIndia

Including the five Rafales coming from France, the delivery of the first ten aircraft has been completed.

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