“Speak Up for Democracy”, says Rahul Gandhi on Rajasthan Politics

“Speak Up for Democracy”, says Rahul Gandhi on Rajasthan Politics

On Sunday, former president of the Indian National Congress tweeted a video attempting to mobilize the people against the BJP. This came after the controversial political events in Rajasthan.

In his video tweet, Rahul urged people to “unite and raise our voice for democracy” using the hashtag #SpeakUpForDemocracy. On Monday, the party is planning to protest countrywide. It is said that the protest will be held outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official residence of President Ram Nath Kovind.

In the video, Rahul talked about BJP’s mission of “ripping up the constitution and demolishing democracy.” Mentioning the political state in Madhya Pradesh, Congress said ‘it has done the same.’

The video later added that, “We demand to immediately convene an assembly session which is within our constitutional rights.” Kalraj Mishra, Governer of Rajasthan has previously let down the one proposal to start an assembly session. Today, the second proposal is submitted to which he responded that he is examining the same.

The Rajasthan government chaos started since Deputy Sachin Pilot turned against the decision with the fellow MLAs supporting him. Mr. Gehlot’s government has been struggling since then. On the other hand, Congress finds it unable to disqualify the members against the party to bring down the majority mark in the assembly.

Out of the 200 member assembly, Congress is marking the majority with one member. Whereas, the strength of the Pilot’s team stands at 30. However, the evidence proves to only 19. BJP marks 97 total members including ones in the allies and independents.

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Mr. Pilot was displaced from his posts and his government formations. He has been given temporary relief from disqualification by Rajasthan Higher Court. It held that the speaker cannot decide until the question about the power is resolved.

Tomorrow, the question would be lifted which will further decide that if the court can interfere with the speaker’s decisions.

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