North Korea Stays free from COVID-19?

North Korea Stays free from COVID-19?

As per the reports of the World Health Organisation, North Korea remains one of the only handful of countries that do not have reported any confirmed cases of COVID-19. The country has been testing and following the quarantining of more than 500 people.

According to the updates from the health ministry, the WHO said that the country currently has the capacity to test in its national reference laboratory in the capital of North Korea, Pyongyang.
The WHO Representative to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Dr. Edwin Salvadar said, “As of 2 April, 709 people – 11 foreigners and 698 nationals – have been tested for COVID-19. There is no report of a COVID-19 case. There are 509 people in quarantine –
two foreigners and 507 nationals.”

He further added, “Since 31 December, 24,842 people have been released from quarantine, which includes 380 foreigners.”

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However, it has been informed to the World Health Organisation that the greatest ally of North Korea, China has sent primers and probes for use with PCR diagnostic tests in January. Meanwhile, the WHO has sent supplies of protective equipment.

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