5-Judge Bench SC refers all Petitions on Article 370

5-Judge Bench SC refers all Petitions on Article 370

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of India referred to all petitions that challenged the scrapping of Article 370. A five-judge Constitution Bench has been through various petitions challenging the scrapping of Article 370 which gave Jammu & Kashmir, a special status.

Supreme Court issued a notice to the centre and saying that the five-judge bench would hear repeal related to petitions in the first week of October.

The apex court sought a detailed response from the Centre within 7 days while issuing a notice to the centre on the plea seeking a direction for relaxing restrictions on the internet, landline, and communication channels by Anuradha Bhasin, Kashmir Times Executive Editor.

Also, the Supreme Court refused a request from the Centre to appoint an interlocutor for Jammu & Kashmir. Whereas on the sidelines, Supreme Court also allowed CPM leader Sitaram Yechury to visit Jammu & Kashmir and meet his party leader and former MLA, Yousuf Tarigami.

“We will permit you to go, you are the general secretary of a party. Don’t go for anything else,” said Ranjan Gogoi, Chief Justice of India (CJI). Also, the court added that Yechury’s visit should only to meet Tarigami as a friend and not for any political purpose.

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